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just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. >> time for putting party first is over. the time for compromise on behalf the american people is now. >> president obama says a bipartisan push is the only way to keep the u.s. from defaulting on the debt next tuesday. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze. house republicans and democratic leaders are moving forward to raise the debt ceiling with four days left before the deadline. >> amy hollyfield has the latest. >> there is not a lost progress to reported today.
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even though the deadline is coming up soon. >> instead there is blame going around. back and forth accusations, president obama even stepped in almost as a disciplinarian to try to get everyone to straighten up. >> he said it's time for a deal on the debt crisis. >> there are plenty of ways out of this mess. we are almost out of time. >> social checks and government contracts. if the country defaults it will set off a string of problems. john boehner is having trouble getting his own party to vote for his bill. he has had several meetings with 25 republican holdouts. >> he says he can't do it job if you aren't there to support him. >> this is most important vote yet. >> the question is today's
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republicans break away from the shrill voice of the tea party. >> harry reid announced that he can't wait any longer for the house to get something done and going to start pushing his own bill through the senate. >> there is no more time. do i wait tomorrow to see if there is a goodwill coming from the republican side? of course, i would. >> amid bills there was some defensiveness. >> over the house of representatives, speaker boehner has been doing the hard work of governing to put together a bill that can pass the house of representatives and end this crisis now. >> so even though there is a lot of talk but not a lot of compromise. it's going to be a long weekend in washington. president obama is encouraging and e-mailing their representatives, send tweets and
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let them know how you feel about this. apple now has more cash on hand than the federal government. the treasury department says it has $73 billion in cash, apple is sitting at a cash reserve of $76 billion according to the latest earning's report. >> economy slowed in the first six months to the weakest pace since the recession ended. commerce department said that americans had to drastically cut back on spending. we want to know how the economic downturn has changed your life and you can record a testimonial on your cellphone or camera and upload it to ureport. >> in san jose lieutenant
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governor gavin newsom is meeting with executives that will jumpstart job growth in the state of california. there be one state office of economic development headed by a jobs czar. it also focuses on boosting manufacturing and exports. they want to boost presence in foreign markets with a private office in china. and also forming economic strike teams to quickly gather necessary permits and navigate local rules for expansion. california has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. >> amendment services are underway for a deputy killed while trying to resolve a domestic violence situation. he was shot by a parolee in petaluma.
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john has more. >> reporter: the procession has just entered veterans memorial auditorium. a thousand or so mourners are expected including police officers, sheriff's deputies and firefighters from all over northern california. >> just after 9:00 this morning, the solemn procession arrived at auditorium. not far from the court and jail where jim mathison worked the last few years. >> he was guy that would do anything for you. if you needed a fence built, he would build it. if you need your carwash, he would wash it. >> he was 49. nine years ago he decided on a career change, going from a life in construction to a passion for law enforcement. >> we liked him so much.
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he was very understanding and everybody loved him. he was dedicated to his family. >> he was also dedicated to his friends. week and a half ago he end with to a friend's house near petaluma. her daughter was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend but thomas haloran showed up and shot mathison. it had been hundred years since a marin county sheriff's deputy has been murdered. >> the entire department is in mourning. jim is very well known throughout the department. it's hard to find anybody that hasn't had an experience with jim in the deputy the. >> he leaves behind a wife and two sons, ages 18 and 21. at least one of the sons will speak here today. they will presented with a california flag. there will be a reception after the service at about 1:30 in the
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afternoon and then a private grave side ceremony. if you are in the area of marin civic center, traffic and parking could be an issue later on. john alston, "abc 7 news." santa clara county prosecutors are expecting the result of a private fiber test that could lead a murder ten years ago with the main suspect. fiber found inside the jeep her jeep can came from a missing persian rug. she disappeared in july 2001. the suspect arrested but was released after charges were dropped. in january, he was shot and killed at a san jose coffee shop in a murder-suicide. . >> oakland street corner where a good samaritan was shot and killed while fweegd the
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homeless. he was known as brother john was shot in the head when somebody opened fire on him and his family. his wife and children were also wounded. there is a memorial where the shooting took playing hand there is a $25,000 reward leading to a suspect. public records show alameda city officials were warned a water rescue program was necessary for public safety as firefighters watched from the shore on memorial day. our media partner oakland tribune, the fire fighting leader in february 2009. he warned that water rescue calls occurred several times a year so the decision to cut the program violated the contract because it changed working conditions. those records were released as alameda investigates the drowning death of raymond zach on memorial day. firefighters would not go into the water to help because they
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were not certified to do so. >>. weekend hearing that could end the two-year prison. to two people jailed in iran. >>údúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúú
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you can see >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. families of two gruaz from berkeley imprisoned in iran are
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hoping that a court hearing will end their ordeal. they are due in court on sunday what iranian authorities say will be their last hearing in their case. sara shourd was released last september on humanitarian grounds. hearing comes two years to the day they were arrested for hacking along the border. the trial was cancelled in the last minute in may without explanation. >> honeymoon appears to be over for ed lee who is poised to run for office he was appointed to. they are jointly calling for an investigation into campaign finance issues surrounding a committee. the main fund-raiser got money to gather employees' signatures at work. they recently got $112 million garbage contract from the city. the company says that executive has been disciplined.
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in sacramento in the last hour, an independent citizens panel approved new maps for the legislative district. this independent panel came about after voters took away legislative power to draw political powers. new map suggests democrats could easily gain a majority in the state senate that minority groups will gain more clout. the 177 district maps will go on public display for a mandatory two week review period. it will be finalized august 16th unless they are challenged. they will go into effect for august 2012 election and remain that way for the next ten years. >> president obama announced a deal that will save you money at the pump down the road and cut fuel emissions. it pledges to double fuel economy to 54 miles per gallon and it will come from increasing the number of electric cars to reduce oil consumption by 40%.
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president obama called the deal a major compromise between environmentalists and automakers. >> just as cars will go further on a gallon of gas, our economy will go further on a barrel of oil. in the next 15 years we're going reduce the amount of oil we need by 2.2 million barrels per day. >> the says the new standards will save the average family $8,000 over time. flight arrival delays into sfo, 55 minutes and even though we're starting to see clearing. i'm show you on the satellite what we're talking about. pretty seasonal weather and if you wanted heated, head to the inland areas of. and shocking recommendation medical experts are giving the government to make sure medical devices are safe for you. >> and get ready for the garlic, what vendors are doing different at the annual gilroy garlic
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33rd annual garlic festival and this year they are coming
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for a common concern. to get rid of the garlic breath after enjoying the fair. including the new flavors at the festival. more than a 100,000 people are expected this year. and they are buying and selling local is emphasized. >> we got together with our families and, we would add $16 billion for the state economy. it's fresher and better for the environment. >> garlic fries and famous garlic ice cream. and how about some mouth wash. >> come and enjoy it. >> it would be garlic flavored that is the point. >> pretty warm down there but not as hot in years passed so
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garlic flavored soda may come in handy. but temperatures in low 90s in gilroy. a lot of sun. sunburn probably more of a worry than the heat. good morning. coming up at 11:19. northbound from north beach and looking at a rapid pace the clouds are starting to erase and fall back to the coast where they will stay through the afternoon hours. as far as temperatures, 59 in half moon bay, to 60 in san francisco. low to mid-60s around the bay shore and into the north bay. 70s into the south bay and even 82 already in antioch and east bay valleys. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-50s from the monterey bay to inland neighborhoods. we'll have a lot of sunshine around the bay and inland but still cloudy and cool at the coast this afternoon. we'll see more fog and more clouds around the bay and mainly coast tonight. expect this to continue through the next seven days so the temperatures are pretty close to seasonal averages today. with the weather pattern fairly
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stagnant they will be the same way next seven days. san jose about one degree warmer and two in fremont and three in santa rosa. 8:21 is the when the sun sets this evening. we have quite a spread on the east bay shore, berkeley, 70. fremont, 82 degrees. 82 around sunnyvale and 83 at san jose and 86 in saratoga. mid to upper 70s millbrae and san mateo. you can see what the clouds do the coast. pacifica and daly city around 82 degrees. more sunshine and mid to upper 50s downtown san francisco. big spread from sausalito at 70. santa rosa at 82. to ukiah near hundred degrees today. 68 in monterey and sunshine and mid-80s around santa cruz to low to mid 90s. big game at the coliseum, not only are the twins in town but
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fireworks tonight. mostly clear, 65 dropping down to 60 by the time the fireworks blast off. tonight you can see the clouds around the bay, the coast and north bay like it was this morning with mid to upper 50s, even a 62 in antioch. jetstream is well to the north. we're going watch high pressure to our south push the warm weather through the central valley and into the east bay valleys. it's because we still have a sea breeze during the weekend, looks like most of us will stay relatively mild. the closer you get to the central valley warmest it's going to be. heading up to tahoe or yosemite, chance of thunderstorms not only today but through the weekend. >> seven-day forecast, note those temperatures inland, flirlgt with 90 and upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-50s around the coast. thanks, mike. a panel of medical experts is now saying the u.s. medical device is flawed.
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the institute recommended the government get rid of a 35-year-old system that has been used to approve medical devices because they say it offers little to no assurance for safety for patients. $350 billion industry looks at pacemakers to x-ray scanners. they say all aspects of the process needs to be reworked. 12 member panel is add minimum stirred by the food and drug administration. >> a federal judge is ordering a release of the richard nixon's secret testimony during the watergate testimony. they say the historical significance outweighs the secretion. historians say the testimony could clear up an ongoing debated over nixon's knowledge of the water gated break-in. he was the first president to testimony before a grand jury. he won't be available immediately because the
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government is being given time to decide whether to appeal that decision. >> the sculpture of times square kiss will be on display. it was inspired by this iconic picture. a nurse being kissed by an unknown a sailor, the day that president harry truman announced world war ii was over. the sculpture has been on display across the country to promote national spirit and will be celebrated on august 14th. it's going to be display from 1:00 to 2:00 at pier 3 in lmd and then at fisherman's wharf and then on. happy birthday. >> something else that is kind of cool. >> it's coming home to the bay area and they are bringing an
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incredible deal on a
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today at 3:00, seven live, opollo ono is gearing up for the san francisco marathon. then at 4:00 and 5:00. >> he was like, cool. >> bay area communities making their own currency? michael finney shows us how it works. a radio ads that could derail the ballot initiative by scaring away people from petitions. >> this morning you can watch the biggest metal act to come out of the bay area for just $6. ♪ ♪
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>> me metallica is celebrating 30th anniversary and will perform at the fillmore. >> single show tickets will be $6 and you can get a pack of four tickets for $1981 cents because the band was formed in 1981. >> so go to their website and bet they are8(p>> we're going d temperatures. >> something for everybody. clouds and cool weather. sunshine and warm weather. >> bye-bye. ♪
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